Curve BIN range

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I wasn’t sure where to post this. I reached out on email but no luck. I’m trying to source the BIN range from Curve. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Is this something Curve shares?

I know I could go round asking everyone but sadly I don’t have that many friends :frowning:



Why do you want to know anyway? :thinking: Maybe its a secret :slight_smile:

I work for its to do with the time travel feature of curve

perhaps it is a secret. I read few a messages on this form with people typing in there own BIN in to bin list etc. But never saw a full list

Here you are,
516273, 537590, 537591

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Also, 5375 90 is consumer and 5375 91 is commercial.

Other way, 537590 consumer, 537591 commercial.

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Thanks. I’ve edited my post.

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What are the actual differences between the consumer and the commercial versions in real life?
I got a consumer, while my wife was sent a commercial one…

In practice, it makes no difference to the card holder, because Curve currently treats consumer and commercial card holders the same. As commercial cards are exempt from the ban on merchant surcharges under Article 62(4) of Directive (EU) 2015/2366, it is possible that merchants might refuse or surcharge commercial cards, but in my four years of using Curve, I have never experienced this. This is more common with credit cards than debit cards, and of course Curve is the latter. Even HMRC, which surcharges commercial credit cards, does not surcharge commercial debit cards, as it unsurprisingly does not want to create such a barrier to businesses paying their tax.

But for Curve, commercial cards make a massive difference. Commercial cards are exempt from Regulation (EU) 2015/751, which caps interchange fees at 0.2% for debit cards and 0.3% for credit cards, so Curve receives much higher revenue from merchants with interchange fees uncapped at around 1.25% to 1.65%. This means that Curve can use this additional revenue to fund the capped 0.3% interchange fee that it pays when you use debit-fronted credit, but nevertheless Curve unnecessarily charges its new 1.5% non-metal fee on commercial cards.

As a genuine commercial user (at least partially), I prefer to use a commercial card as I believe in the product and want to boost Curve’s revenue via the much higher interchange fees. When a merchant stubbornly doesn’t accept American Express and I have to use Curve instead, it gives me pleasure to know that the stubborn merchant is paying more to accept my commercial Curve card than if it accepted Amex, and that this additional cost benefits Curve.

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There have been reports of corporate card fees:

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I would use Amex with the Trainline, although I’ve never used them anyway.

Curve really ought to give commercial card holders some advantage such as greater cashback. There’s currently no incentive at all.

After my trainline problem I asked Curve to refund the difference and send me a personal card. They did.

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Curve range:
5375 9000 00 - 5375 9199 99 from Wirecard Card Solutions Limited
But Curve announced that they may “go away” from Wirecard.

Original 5375 9000 cards are tokenized by * Pay as 5167 6490 Wirecard Card Solutions Limited

  • Google/Samsung/Apple/Garmin/Wena/Fitbit Pay

Airlines commonly charge a fee for commercial cards over personal cards. Curve gave me a commercial as well even though I was requesting what I thought was personal (sneaky sneaky) and I had to get them to change it as I didnt want to have to worry about hitting fee’s when they occur.
They did try to charge me £5 to change the card but I did get them to change their mind on that given there screwy signup decides to give commercial to lots of folks wanting personal.

Travel will be the most common place to charge but others may start doing so when they realise they can. I half expect taxi’s to start as well.

Amazon will also harass you to sign up to Amazon business as they know its a business card so even though they dont add a fee yet there are certainly watching for it.

Thank you so much. This is really helpful :ok_hand:

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