Curve black and phone/gadget insurance


I’ve been thinking on upgrading my card to black. However something is not very clear regarding the perks of the card.

In both websites it states that the black card comes with phone/gadget insurance:

However in the terms and conditions of the card the Black card seem to be missing this perks:

Also in the App when I try to upgrade doesn’t show me this benefit.

I’d like to ask for some clarification on this and based on that I’ll make my decision to upgrade to Black.

Many thanks.


The phone insurance is only covered on metal subscriptions with a limit of 800 GBP or 800 € with a 50 GBP / 50 € excess.
Which means you are covered on a maximum of 750 GBP / 750 €

Gadgets are no longer covered on new subscriptions.

If it could help, here is a feedback on phone insurance Metal Insurance Phone damage

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Best of luck getting any answers to your question. Even if it does comw with cover the level of cover is ambiguous at best.

Fhere is a thread elsewhere on here where the insurance underwriters say a claim on a mobile is only valid when its in conjunction with a trip of more than two days. Some have had this confimed and some have had contradictory information confirmed. So nobody has any idea and as usual Curve are sticking thier head in the ground and failimg to provide any clarification.

Thanks, that’s what I’ve seen and heard unfortunately, doesn’t seem very clear…