Curve Black Benefits on Curve Blue Card?

Hello All,

So I have been using curve for a few days now and I have to admit, I just love it! Thanks to all the people working on this, and for this great community!

So, I will be traveling to the UK soon and I would like to know the following:

1-Is there an issue if I subscribe to Curve Black on-demand? I will be in the UK in the boxing day period and you know no one wants a limit during sale haha, hence I would like to know if there is an issue with that or I should be committed for a period of time?

2-If I upgrade to black, will I be able to benefit from the new limits right away using my Blue card? Or I have to wait for my black card to get these?

Thank you all,
Happy Holidays!

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What limits are you afraid of reaching? If you mean spending limits, they have no relation to your subscription tier :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well yes my underlying card is USD so I guess I will hit the 500£ limit directly, I have already bought some tickets and topped up my SIM and I’m almost at half.

Sorry I didn’t make it clear that my underlying card is USD.

Oh, now I understand. Last time I’ve seen anyone talking about doing that kind of thing here, there wasn’t a way to upgrade and then downgrade as you suggest or having black benefits without first activating a black card. I don’t believe there has been a change in this

Thank you @megamaster!

@Curve_Marie can we have your say on this?

According to the support page below you will begin to receive your new tier benefits as soon as you upgrade (so before you have received your new card).

As far as I know there is no minimum subscription period (at least you only have to pay for one month). So you should be able to upgrade now to black and downgrade to blue after that month. The post below is quite old, but as far as I know this is still the case. :point_down:t2:

@megamaster Where did you read otherwise?

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Section 5.5 of the ToS:

“If you Downgrade you Curve Black Account to a Curve Blue Account within the Cooling Off Period , the Downgrade will be deemed a cancellation of your Curve Black Account and fees may be payable. Curve will reissue you with a Curve Blue card and you will not have access to your Curve Black card in the period it takes to reissue your Curve Blue card.”

There were also reports here in the forum (sorry if I don’t feel like searching🙂) that when you upgrade, the same thing happens, you get the blue card canceled and have to wait for the new one. Maybe that support page suggests that that policy has changed

I think you definitely can! See the support link:

“You will begin to receive your new tier benefits as soon as you upgrade.”

The article in the ToS is referring to a cancellation within the cooling off period. If you downgrade after a month (as a minimum payment period, so outside the cooling off period) I assume this will not happen.

I have read many post in this community and I can’t remember these posts.
You might be confusing this with an upgrade from black to metal (and even then at least your black still remains active while waiting for your metal card to arrive).
Since the support article is dated at the time the subscription tiers were introduced I think this has been the policy from the start.

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You sure type fast :wink:. I was still editing the comment when you took that quote.

Either way, at the very least, the op would be stuck without curve when he downgraded

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Not sure if this also applies when you downgrade after the cooling off period, after the minimum payment period of one month. It would find it very strange if it would.

Edit: @mrworldwide I just found the page below where it says that for Curve Black (opposed to Curve Metal where is a minimum of six months) there is no minimum subscription period:

@megamaster Happy Cakeday! :tada:


Hey there!

To answer your questions:

You can upgrade your subscription in the App, you’ll be immediately moved to that subscription which includes the Fx Fee-Free limits upgrade.

There is a 14 day cooling off period for the subscription but you can downgrade at anytime without a fee. You won’t be without a Curve card as you can continue using your current card even for the Blue Tier.

Thank you Jes! Much appreciated! That clears it out!

I will be more than happy to pay for a whole month though I will only need curve for a week.

It’s my pleasure to support the Curve team! Btw is the door to invest in curve still open?

Happy Holidays to you and the curve team!

Happy to help! You may like having the other benefits available on the Black card as well and stick with it!

We currently aren’t taking anymore investors and we don’t have specifics plans for it at the moment, but it may be possible in the future!

Happy holidays to you as well! I hope you get some good deals on Boxing Day! :money_mouth_face: