Curve Black Friday

So the message said you just have to spend on your Curve card on 29 November to be in with a chance of winning something - does that include spending Curve Cash?

“Made a purchase which classifies as an Eligible Spend .”

“Eligible Spend is any purchase that has been made with your Curve, excluding withdrawal from ATMs or other cash points. It is up to Curve’s absolute discretion to decide whether a transaction qualifies as eligible spend. Any transaction that is reported as unauthorised will not qualify for this competition. Curve Send and Go Back in Time transactions are not Eligible Spend.”

So I do think spending Curve Cash counts as an Eligible spend.

As a Dutchy it is this part of the terms that p*sses me off:

"The draw is open to all active users of Curve and:

  • who are mainland UK residents,"

Really, Curve…only UK again? :man_facepalming:t2: :man_shrugging:t2:


It would be nice if it had been extended to all customers and not just in the UK. :pensive:

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it just shows some residents are more equal than others. In global world for a fintech company.

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