Curve Black Legacy Migration Update

Curve Black Legacy Migration Update

We hope that you’ve been enjoying the benefits of the new Curve Black tier and whichever option you select, we’re excited to continue giving you the financial freedom you deserve.

What are my choices?

  • Your 3-month free trial, including AXA Travel Insurance and Gadget Insurance will expire at 11:59 PM (GMT) on 28th April 2019.
  • Beta testers: Your free trial, including AXA Travel Insurance and Gadget Insurance, will expire at 11:59 PM (GMT) on 28th July 2019.
  • If you do not choose to pay for your Curve Black subscription by this date, you will automatically be moved to the Curve Black Legacy free tier.

You’ll receive a notification before your trial will expire.

If you’d like to continue on the new Curve Black tier, please click on this notification and follow the instructions to continue enjoying all its great benefits for just £/€9.99 per month. Alternatively, you can go to the ‘card’ tab on the Curve app at any time, select ‘manage your subscription’ and follow the instructions.

If you choose to pay for your new Curve Black subscription, you’ll be able to continue taking advantage of great benefits, including:

  • Worldwide Travel Insurance
  • Gadget Insurance (both provided by AXA Travel Insurance Ltd)
  • And any new benefits and features we bring to Curve Black

If you choose to revert to the Curve Black Legacy tier instead, there’s nothing you need to do. At 11:59 PM (GMT) on 28th April 2019 (28th July 2019 for Beta testers), you’ll revert to the benefits you had up until 27th January 2019, including a black coloured card, £400 of fee-free ATM withdrawals abroad, as well as unlimited fee-free spend abroad (subject to our Fair Use Policy) and your current Curve Rewards or cashback scheme. You will not be eligible for any additional benefits offered to customers on the new Curve Black tier, including any future improved Curve Rewards and new features offered by Curve.

Curve Black Legacy vs the new Curve Black - What is the difference?

Curve Black Legacy Curve Black
Price Free £/€9.99 per month
0% FX Yes Yes
Rewards Your current Curve Rewards plan New and improved Curve Rewards coming soon
AXA Insurance No Yes
Access to New Features No** Yes
Upgrade Available*** Yes Yes
Downgrade Available*** Yes Yes

Whatever option you choose, we know you’re going to enjoy your Curve Black card!

All the best,
Team Curve

*The Curve Rewards programme of your account will remain the same and cannot be changed. See our How does Rewards work? for more information.
** If you opt to revert to Curve Black Legacy, you will not receive access to any new services or features Curve introduces in the future.
*** You can upgrade to Curve Metal or downgrade to Curve Blue in both Curve Black Legacy and the new Curve Black. However, once you move away from Curve Black Legacy you will not be able to come back.

Terms and Conditions apply.


I get why new customers would pay for curve black. As they dont have a choice since legacy black is no longer available. And if they want a higher limit than the free blue tier. They have to pay for black.

But what blows my mind is why would curve think any legacy black customer would want to pay £9.99 per month for travel and gadget insurance?? We could easily get those cheaper elsewhere. There is literally no added benefit whatsover for legacy black to switch to black. :sweat_smile:

Just some food for thought to curve’s sales team. I believe in the concept of curve and might even be an investor. Thus i think i am obliged to point out the obvious which somehow curve doesnt seem to notice…


And don’t forget that these insurances are only available in some countries. So if you don’t live in one of these countries, as a new customer you have to pay a monthly subscription fee for something that a couple of months back only costed you a one time fee.


Is it possible at this moment to tell if this is the case for any features that are currently on the roadmap and if yes which ones?

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I don’t think I have ever had a trial. I never updated the app can you confirm that I will stay on black legacy? Many thanks

It will be the case for all the features on the roadmap. You’ll revert to the benefits you had until late January before subscriptions started.

Customer Support will be able to help you out by looking into your account :slight_smile: You can reach them in-app or via

Ok, so if one is on curve black legacy right now and Google/Apple pay goes live for Curve, this means one has to upgrade to curve black (subscription) or downgrade to curve blue to be able to use this feature?

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Lol! If they do that. Then curve would be the first company that i have heard of (glad to be corrected) that charges their customers if they want to use google/apple pay :joy:


Im betting the reason applepay hasnt been released is that curve wants to monitize on it with the subscription. Im betting once alle test periods are over, apple pay is gonna be released really quick.

Good way to get people on you subscription.

Curve Black Legacy is built on the grandfathering principle. This means the benefits and price is frozen to the time before we rolled out subscriptions. The Curve Black Legacy option was formulated based on customer feedback stating that they would rather be grandfathered than moved to subscription @andyG. If you would like to have new features that will be rolled out, you can either subscribe or get Curve Blue.

All Curve Blue customers will have access to Apple Pay @Henkjanvries and @LittleTeo , which is the free tier.


That depends on if you must go to curve black (subscription) to get Google/Apple pay or if it is also possible getting it by downgrading from Curve Black Legacy to Curve Blue. If the latter is the case they just want customers to move away from the Curve Black Legacy tier.

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Yeah. I guess the latter is true. Cant complain. They arent a charity anyways. Just feel sadden that they are sending such unwelcoming tones to their existing supporters. The first batch of paying customers are being sent unwelcoming signals to welcome their new batch of paying customers.

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Could you please elaborate so we can learn and do better? Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback, sorry to hear this is the impression.

Like @LittleTeo, I understand Curve is a business and any new features are not extended but these days you would expect Apple Pay/Google Pay to be a core feature of all cards when it is released. That is unless Curve’s long term goal has just plans to get everyone off Black Legacy. I already use Curve less because I have gone towards using Apple Pay in many places. It is only Curve who will lose out :man_shrugging:.


I would also be very disappointed if Curve decides to only allow new Black and Blue (but not Black Legacy) access to Apple Pay. Existing customers still paid €50 when Apple Pay was supposed to be included. I live in a country where their insurance policy doesn’t apply so it would literally be €10 per month for Apple Pay. I surely hope they don’t treat their most loyal customers this way…



Does the “no access to new features” mean the features that were new when the subscription model came out, or does it mean any new features that might come out after today?

Legacy Black users should never be worse off (feature-wise) than current Blue users. I think It would be OK if it said Legacy Black would not receive any new features that were not also available to current Blue customers.


I highly agree with this. Good idea @Wittgendworkin. At least treat us early paying customers on a level like you treat a free user. Currently the message you are sending us is that even free tier will have it better than us in terms of features. So being an early paying customer, though a small amount. Is treated worst than people who got it free.
Maybe a petition should be done for this.


So Curve are actually going to expend extra engineering effort and introduce extra technical debt into their systems in order to prevent their earliest paying customers from getting features they give away free to new customers. That seems… petty.


Apple Pay was always promised as coming soon to curve. Seems crazy now to have to pay for it or lose the benefits you already paid for once.