Curve Black Legacy Migration Update

Yes, this. How does denying ApplePay to original users help Curve or anyone?


Again, I may be wrong, in which case a whole bunch of members are too :blush:, but @Curve_Marie - can you let us have the thinking or indeed, the intentions, of Curve in respect of the Black Legacy / ApplePay relationship, please?

It’ll surely assist conversation and reduce speculation…:smirk:


There’s somthing really missing in this financial model.
I cherfully paid for the original blue, and then then again to upgrade to the original black. I love the Curve ‘all your cards in one, with GoBackInTime’ concept, and find it very useful. I have been a great champion of Curve to others.

However, I am already covered on other travel and gadget insurance (ironically included with one of the credit cards that is on my Curve Card…!), so I gain nothing from that, so to have to pay £10 a month for no appreciable gain - that’s an expensive overhead for the as-yet-undelivered ApplePay.

I’d even be prepared to pay a small subscription to use Curve for its basic facilities, but nothing approaching the current subscription level. Faithful early adopter and supporter Curve users need to be able to appreciate something more than unidentified ‘new and improved Curve Rewards’ for their £10 a month/£120 a year.

Come on Curve, early adopters understand and support your need for a different and secure financial model, but it can’t be based on unusable or over-priced benefits.

(Conscious that many of these points have already been made in this thread, but I think we need more than ‘likes’ to indicate the numbr and variety of Curve supporters/users concerns…)


Yup, totally agree. While I wouldnt expect grandfathered users to have access to new features available only on the paid tier, I don’t think it understandable that a grandfathered user will be lacking features available on the free tier.

3DS, which has been sorely lacking, when it finally launches, will it not be available to grandfathered customers? I think any reasonable person would agree that that would not be acceptable, however that’s the implication when it’s said that any new features on the roadmap or added to it in the future will not be available to grandfathered users

Hi Marie, Like many comments before me I struggle to see the logic of currently moving from legacy to new black. My view on upgrading may change in the future as you develop your black/metal offering. Just one constructive suggestion - as a business owner whose employees use Curve for business expenses, consider adding the business card services offered by Pleo. I would certainly be interested and willing to pay for these…central app based management of employer card…integration with Xero etc. Thanks!

Back to the drawing board I think because I can see what is about to happen here…nearly everyone defaulting back to Curve Black Legacy on the 28th April due to the weak offerings of subscription Curve Black totally disgruntled because they are being penalised for not wanting to pay £9.99 a month for what is basically useless very basic insurance cover.


The way I see it at the moment is to switch back to Curve Legacy and wait for the new cashback rewards to be brought out. If they are worth it, then upgrade later. I don’t travel aboard very often and not planning to do so soon, so the current benefits on the subscription is pointless for me, especially when my in-laws own their own travel insurance company! My gadgets are covered under home insurance. All the rest are foucsed on travelling aboard, so there is no point me upgrading and paying monthly.
So for now, I will just stay on Curve Legacy and wait for the subscription benefits to improve. Once they have, I just switch then. I’m not too fussed on Google Play or Samsung Pay (don’t have Apple), because I can easliy add my underlying card to them seperately anyway. Once there is details on their new and improved rewards (i’m assuming cashback) then if it’s good, I will upgrade. If there is no benefit, then I will stay on legency and evenually switch to blue if the new features are worth having.

Yes I’m annoyed I paid £50 to upgrade to black, got a nice wallet, but the amount of money I save being able to use a underlying credit card to pay for things that doesn’t take them have been brilliant, plus the go back in time feature.

So my plan is, stay on Black Legacy, wait and see what features come out. Assess if it’s worth it. Upgrade, stay or move to Blue.
Now Curve, make it worth upgrading for people who don’t travel aboard all the time.


You’ve clearly thought this thing through :smiley:

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For the avoidance of all doubt, @Curve_Marie, will Legacy Black cardholders have access to Apple and Google Pay as and when those features arrive?

This seems to be a focus for a number of members.


Hopefully the radio silence on this for the past week means they’re rethinking things, not that they’re just hoping it’ll go away.

Graham I think you should post your question as a new topic so it doesn’t get lost in all the topic chatter here.

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No news is good news… for now!

Not really as it says here.

Now is Legacy Black mentioned in the above? Nope well that’s for a reason. (Will they allow us to have Android/Apple Pay? I doubt it.)

In saying that if they don’t then they will lose a lot of customer goodwill but do they care?..:man_shrugging:

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Thinking about this if the card is contactless and Curve support Apple Pay it may be impossible for Curve to prevent Apple Pay for some users.


Actually no it is not impossible as banks do it all the time using a whitelist/blacklist approach based on BIN numbers.

If the answer was yes, they would have said so in response to the many people asking over the last week, because it would be a simple answer to give and would be well received.

The fact that they haven’t said anything suggests that either the answer was no but they’re reconsidering, or the answer is no and they’re figuring out how to spin it.

Definitely the latter.

Just by reading through the first 12 posts of this topic, I am sure the answer is No (if Curve does not reconsider).

What I am more curious about is, what about AmEx support (if it ever returns)? Will this be considered a new feature and therefore also not be available to grandfathered users?

Untill Curve updates (the opening post of) this topic. Curve eventually decided to:

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