Curve Black Legacy or Blue


I use quite often My Curve Black (now legacy) but I don’t see a reason for myself to justify the upgrade to the Curve Black or Metal.

So my question is: how does legacy compares with Blue. Is there any reason why I should not downgrade to Blue in order to profit from the 1% cashback from selected retailers ?

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Truth is, Tom, it’d be a upgrade to Blue, as you’ll see in-app. And to answer your question, (unless I’m missing something) I can see why you wouldn’t make the move. :slightly_smiling_face:

(ps I’m a legacy cardholder :roll_eyes:).

I am on black legacy as well. But my understanding is Blue has only 3 month cash back as an Introduction, correct? Only new black or metal have permanent cash back, right?

There are higher ATM withdraw
Higher spending limit


That’s an interesting info. I went to check and indeed it’s indeed only valid for 3 months:

Hey @emathias if you downgrade to Curve Blue from Black legacy you won’t receive 90 days of Curve Cash if you have previously had an introductory rewards offer.

As a Curve Black Legacy customer you were restored to the account you had before you received the Curve Black subscription free trial which also included being restored to your previous rewards scheme from Curve Cash.

As a Curve Black Legacy customer, you have larger fee-free FX spend limit in comparison to Curve Blue.

You can read more about what you get as a Black Legacy customer by following this link:

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