Curve Black Legacy Tier being removed completely? Features Lost?

G’day team,

I’m a Curve Black Legacy member. My Go Back in Time has been reduced to 3 in 30 days. My support request stated:

Our records show that you were initially on our “Black. Legacy” subscription tier which no longer exists.

Since we upgraded our subscription tiers, customers who were on our “Black Legacy” subscription still have some perks such as your three Cashback retailers, but since this subscription tier ended in January 2019, most of your account features have now been moved to that of our current free tier. The main change here is that your limit for “Go Back in Time” is now 3 times per 30 day period which will explain your query.

This response seems contradictory to Curve’s Terms of Service published here Terms of Service | Curve and the corresponding benefits published here

Is anyone here aware of this change position for Curve Black Legacy benefits? This is very unexpected to me if so


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I’m also legacy black and noticed some “perks” had started to be removed over time.

I’ve just stopped using the card now as it seems they are trying to force people to switch to the paid cards


Support mentions 3 cashback retailers. If that is indeed the case for you, you are not on the Curve black legacy tier, but on the free black tier (because of getting enough referrals to sign up). In that case please check the topic below which then is about the same issue:

I am on the black legacy tier and for me it doesn’t look like anything has changed (yet?).

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Thank you - I’m definitely legacy black - confirmed in an early thread

I’ve asked for escalation manager review, as the references they are sharing do not align with the comments in the thread.

I may well not be correct - but it’s a confusing process, with no warning

Ok, but do you have the three cashback retailers as mentioned by support? I don’t and for me it doesn’t look like anything has changed.

In the post below you seem to confirm yourself you are on Black Free for Life via referrals

so that would mean you are not on Curve black legacy anymore.

I have 3 - but I’ve been black since the very beginning. I have confirmation of Black Legacy in a separate note

You have been black legacy in the past, but since you have three cashback retailers now, you are definitely not black legacy anymore. Users on black legacy, like me, do not have three cashback retailers.

If you are not paying a monthly subscription fee at the moment, but do have three cashback retailers, you are on free black (as you confirmed yourself in an earlier post in another thread). And to your account is happening the same as others are describing in this thread:

Curve have sorted me out !!!