CURVE BLACK not worth the fee?

Since the new rules applied for 200 euros for credit cards per month…for standard, black and mental…it is the same here. So bad :frowning:

For the curve fronted, standard and black are the same, 1.5%

For the Fx fee during the weekdays(why still not cancel it on weekends?), curve black gives 15,000 euros for free per year. And that’s the only difference between it and the standard version.

But if we calculate…

black 15,000 euro, about 10 euro monthly fee, so 120 euro

standard 50012=6000 euro per year free fx, 2% applied for more. to get to 15,000, plus 90002%=180 euro.

120 euro vs 180 euro, the difference is not too much…

I hope black can extend the fx limit for more…standard for 500 can be better if less than 500 is too bad.