Curve Black Option Missing

I’m trying to sign up for Curve Black but it’s now missing in the app.

Only Curve metal is available. And as a side point it would be great if Curve Metal came as a black card.

Black metal cards were (or still are? :man_shrugging:) issued only as investor cards…

The Options for Metal are Blue, rose gold or red. :man_facepalming::+1:t3::+1:t3:

That’s a pity it’s just for investors…

That still doesn’t answer the question of where the normal black card option is though?

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I can still see the Curve Black (non metal) on the iOS App.

On Android (version 2.33.0), I also still can choose the Black and Metal subscription.

Bottom option (Manage your subscription), you might need to scroll to see this option.

Strange I have the same version and this option is missing.

Just checked - both black & metal available for me in 2.33.0

All three options showing for me too.

Hello ,
It seems in the app no options to upgrade to Black and Metal Card ?