Curve black sent by default to new users?

Hello guys, is the Curve black being sent by default to new users? My friend created an account with my referral code and the Curve black was now shipped to him but he doesn’t remember choosing the paid version…

Edit: I just realized that the cost is hidden with tiny letters. After you enter the shipping data, by default you have a big blue button to continue with Curve Black, but the cost is very hard to see (low contrast and small letters) ! It’s not nice Curve…

This is a Dark Pattern and no it is not nice.

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This is the screen I am talking about…Thats a dark pattern for sure. Thanks @CurveLegacyBlack

Thanks for the feedback @alex.1137ferreira it has been sent onto the Product Team. Please let us know how else you’d like to see the app improved, feedback is always welcomed :blush:

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