Curve Black travel insurance restrictions

I have recently started a Curve Black subscription and now find that the travel insurance only covers to a maximum age of 70. I have just turned 71 so that means I am paying for a service that I am not entitled to allegedly. What now?

Similar to packaged bank accounts, you would need to consider if Curve Black is the right product for you given your eligibility for the constituent parts of the offering.

Most if not all travel insurance policies have an upper age limit and 70 is quite typical. Have you checked whether it is possible to pay an additional premium to extend cover to you?

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No I haven’t as I have just read the policy documents. Fair point on the packaged offers and that is something I will have to consider.

Hey @peterrosie, firstly welcome to the community!

Currently, you can’t pay a premium to extend the cover for your insurance, but please get in touch at if you’d like any further details on the AXA insurance policy.