Curve blocks card and doesn't respond

Hello Curve, I would like to ask you here, since I didn’t get any feedback from your support for over a month. Last year I have used curve extensively and reached the limit of 10k gbp, and it stopped working for me, and I am fine with that and accept. I was waiting for about 6-7 months (till May 2022) to be able to use it now where my limit for last year will be lower and I can use it, but then I found my card is blocked with request to provide new updated documents, I did it in May and was 25th of May, where I was promisied to contact in next 24h, but it is over a month and no one has been trying to reach me, this is Shagor agent, I do write a couple of times, and no any reaction, can you please explain that and contact to me?

Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Unfortunately as a mainly user Community we don’t have access to your account details the only way of getting support at the moment is through email.

I apologise for any inconvenience that may cause.


Yes. meanwhile you have to be honest and admit that the support of curve is a story in itself. it doesn’t matter if you use a free plan or a premium plan. unfortunately that is the truth.