Curve blue £500 free cap on spending abroad?

Hey all

I was browsing the subscriptions and noticed blue changed again, it’s saying £500 free spending abroad per month? Is that just the interbank rate or entirely?

One of the best features of Curve is spending abroad, will you be removing this for the blue card?

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That limit has been there all along. If you spend more than that, you pay the fees. There are no changes in that

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Ah thanks :slight_smile: there goes my plan to downgrade after the trial then :frowning:

Aren’t you grandfathered into black?

I was on black, I upgraded to metal to test but I then found out going back to black would have a monthly fee, I was going to downgrade to blue after 6 months but if I get charged after £500 that’s an issue

Your mistake was upgrading to metal if you didn’t intend to keep it. Nothing that can be done now :slightly_smiling_face:

Duh lol I’ll make do, thanks