Curve Blue acceptance - Germany

Hi there,

does someone also have heavy problems within using the card in German stores and hotels? With the old curve card with the embossed look, it worked everywhere like a charm (chip & contactless) but on the new card, I can only pay contactless. On every (!) merchant store or ATM or somewhere else my card is either reported as invalid or blocked if they try to use the chip or the magnetic stripe.

I tried it in various stores and locations like:

  • Restaurants in Hamburg & Berlin
  • Hotels in Berlin
  • Stores in Cologne (REWE, Edeka, Apple Store)
  • etc.

The app itself doesn’t inform me as it would do on insufficient money or sth else. Can someone confirm this or did I just got a “Monday” product?

@floriankasper Hello Florian ! Your Curve is well the Debit one? I was in Nurtingen and all was running ok with my Curve, chip + Pin or contactless,. I was the last year for a couple of months in Berlin too, and only one time i have encountered an issue, at Rewe store. Did you contact the support Team? Pat.

Hey @Patrick_BB sorry for getting back that late. I already opened a ticket on the app but without any reply the ticket is lost - I didn’t got any answer on that and just out of luck most POS in here accept NFC payments + PIN if necessary. But the chip is useless at all.

Your card is probably broken. I never had any problem with using my Curve card in Germany.