Curve blue card stopped working GBP/EUR

I have my Curve blue, which I was really enjoying using because of the FX change, I did use it a lot during last month.

But now, it just stopped working. Not on Apple Pay, online or even in store with my physical card.

I have logged countless messages on the support zone in the app but there isn’t any reply.

I have tried checking if there is any limits that I do not know about, but even if that is the case the limit should be on FX, but the card is not working even in the native currency of where the card is based!

Attaching my spendings for this month so you guys can help me figure it out.


This is for the previous month!

£799.00 - €271

The card also have limits when used with the base currency. You can see them in your app, same place where you can see the card details.

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And keep in mind that the limits @JesusM is talking about are on a last 30 days basis and not on a calendar month basis. As a new customer those limits are not that high yet (getting higher over time while you are building a spending history).

If you have not reached your limits your card may be blocked (I wouldn’t be to surprised, especially if you are a new customer, that those two large Revolut transactions have triggered the Curve risk engine). In that case reach out to Curve support by email ( I must admit I find it very weird you did not get any response when reaching out to them through the app.

@poeliev reached out to them on 19th March, and followed up with various emails. Still no response and still without being able to use my Curve card.

To be honest, If my card has been blocked because of £500.00 worth of Revolut transactions then Curve limits are simply ridiculous.

Here is a screenshot of the only formal response I have received from Curve.

Those are two different things.

  • You have the Curve card limits that can be checked in your Curve app. In the beginning those are quite low, but get higher over time while you are building a spending history. If you check them in your Curve app, this probably can be ruled out as the reason why your Curve card is not working anymore.

  • And you have the Curve Risk Engine, that sees two relatively high (compared to your previous transactions) transactions that are very different from your previous transactions.

To this day, I still cannot use my card and once you log a chat it does not even get saved, you have to start over everytime you restart the app.

Well, out the window goes my thoughts of switching to a paid Curve subscription! Very very very poor customer service, and if you get your card/account blocked it would be nice at least to receive a notification of this event, don’t you think?