[Curve blue] changing ATM withdrawal limits and forced to withdraw money by a robber

Though I can find in the Android application the spending limits, I am not able to dynamically change them. Did I miss this feature somewhere? I think it would be useful, in case we know we are going to travel to a less safe place.

I have watched a youtube video about travels and it made me aware, that I am not sure how I am protected in case a robber forces me to withdraw money from ATM with Curve card. As a cardholder, am I insured for that?

There’s no functionality to change the limits, the screen is just for viewing them.

You can lock the card but can’t switch off specific features. You can vote for that at Ability to turn off card features

You can change the limits on the underlying card(s) I guess… Or keep a debit card with limited amount of money on it as an active card in Curve.

Select an underlying that has no funds or very low funds, such as your Curve cash account and voila, no big robbery :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your all replies.
So I understand, a cardholder is not insured and there is no some amount up to which he/she is liable in case of ATM withdraw robbery?

In Europe and North America, it’s pretty rare for ATM robbery coverage to included with a card. In the Caribbean and South America, Visa and MasterCard usually include robbery protection with all cards in addition to the standard zero liability coverage.