Curve Blue - does it come in physical form or is it just on the app?

Hello, just today I made an account and was wondering if I would get the Blue Curve card in physical form? I saw something in-app saying that it should be coming until 29 Oct but after I activated it in-app that message disappeared.

:arrow_right: My Curve Card hasn’t arrived yet, where is it?

Your card is on the way. You didn’t have to activate it before receiving it just in case mail gets intercepted and someone uses it fraudulently. The virtual card would be sufficient till you receive the physical one. If I were you I would block my Curve card in the app until I get the physical one in the post


Okay, thanks for the quick answers. I should e-mail support to change the destination address then.

Why do you want to change address? They only send to address on account which they have already done and they won’t be able to intercept it.
Another thing is Curve support is too busy at the moment they may get to your support ticket when you already have the card with you.

Because I now live at another temporary address but since it’s such a hassle I will just call the delivery man in that day. Also, do you know if there are any delivery fees?

Free delivery and no need to call delivery person, it is also not tracked. It is sent as ordinary mail. Just calm down and wait. Curve will give you more headache if you let them know about your address issues. They will ask you to prove that you stay at that other address. Better wait it out. Lock the card in the app.

Okay, thanks.

Wow, thanks for all the insites. I love curve! Last night I got a question from my nephew, whom initially introduced me to hhe curve existanve upon my rant about my bankcard.

He has been trying to become a customer after I praised curve from a user standpoint. The card does not show up and he can not activate his virtual card without the phusical one. It has now taken years , and meanwhile he has moved back home to sweden from being an expat in ireland, and he told me mora as fun story about lousy support. It hurt me quite a bit in two ways.
1 find curve performing flawless and support have sorted my things out in hours. Amazing.
2. As an i offcourse would like leads noobes to experience the same.
Should cancel and reapply? Does matter support says it it is on the way.

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If they changed address they should contact Curve support via email at or via Twitter @askcurve. He may have to reverify address and ID.

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Cheers. I ll have him do that. I know they beeen contacted but not how he did it.

Apperantly everything whent silent after contacted support and proceeded to reverifying. It is all a bit odd since i think support historically been excellent.