Curve Blue fees and top up by pay point or post office

I ordered a free card but is there any fees on being a member of Curve and one other thing can I load money from a pay point or does it have to be by post office?

Hi Luke, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Yes* and no is the short answer. The long answer is as follows.

*There are no reoccurring fees for example subscription fees but there are other fees please see below.

You can’t load money on to the Curve card as it’s not a pre payment card. It uses your debit or credit card to fund the transaction. So you have to first add your card(s) to Curve using the app. (Skip this if you’ve already done it.) Then via the app you can select what card to want the Curve card to make the transaction from.

If you have more questions just post it here.



P. S. Sorry I forgot about the fees please check them out here.

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Oh OK it’s I have transport card from Curve on Samsung pay and then I tryed to buy something at Tesco and it did not work.

Do you have your Curve card pointing to a debit or credit card in the Curve app?