Curve blue not working

Can anyone shed some light on why my curve blue card always declines. I’ve linked and authorised a Visa debit card and a mastercard to it and both are always declined with no explanation (but work okay on their own) I am yet to have a successful transaction.
I registered a new card and this was transaction declined. Until the past weeks I use the curve without problems.
Thanks for your help.

if you have the underlying card verified and with enough credit, and still it is always declinig, you should drop an email to They will be able to check the specific transactions and give you an answer.

I drop an email three days ago, any answers at now. I see a micro charge on one of my registered card for the wirecard problems and after a week was not refund.
This is very frustrating.

It’s been a very difficult week for Curve team, so maybe they will need a couple of days more. I tho usually get an answer in 1-2 days. Have a look on your spam/junk folder, just in case.