Curve Blue Specs

  • Supports Mastercard &Visa
  • Available in 27 Countries
  • 1% Curve Cash at 3 premium retailers as a 90 day introductory offer. Customers who signed up before 16th of February are on the Rewards programme.
  • Unlimited fee-free foreign exchange in 200+ currencies, with access to the interbank rate, for up to £500/month*
  • Fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals up to £200 /month*

*subjected to Curve Fair Use Policy

Learn more: ATM Withdrawals - Domestic and Foreign Fees Breakdown

Customers who signed up before the 16th of February are on the Rewards programme.

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I think something went wrong during the copy and pasting :blush:. These 3 are not Blue specs as far as I know.


Thank you for pointing that out :sweat_smile:

What does unlimited mean in this context (as there is a limit)?


Good point :slight_smile:


Unlimited number of transactions, subject to your overall allowance…pretty simple :wink:

Good point, thought not how I would phrase it if I were to explain it.

Marketing is a very useful skill to be trained in :wink:

Unfortunately it’s a fact of life nowadays that we need to look beyond the immediate text.

At this point I put in a big explanation about marketing communications and how to balance expectations - but it’s off topic, sorry!

The * means it’s still subjective to Curve Fair Use Policy. Your overall allowance has to be considered as well. I wrote a post a while back where the Fair Use Policy fees are calculated to make it clearer - ATM Withdrawals - Domestic and Foreign Fees Breakdown.

@Marie, It will be a good idea to put in the “View your Curve limits” the following fee-free quotas, so people can track these:

  • Unlimited fee-free foreign exchange £500/month*
  • Fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals £200 /month*
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Please post your idea in #ideas so others can vote on it :slight_smile:

Is fee-free month limits cycle per calendar month or?

The limits are rolling 30 days

30days from specific date or from 1st calender date?

I’m awaiting conformation from one of our Product Manager on whether it’s simply rolling, or if there’s a trigger point.

Good to know that, thats why a limit chart quota is a must in curve limits app :slight_smile:

Looking forward for the reply…

The limits will reset every 30th day, not necessarily on the 1st of the month. We will implement trackers for them in the future. Don’t have a timeline for it yet.

This is confusing! How to know when it will reset?
Do when you first spend with conveesion than starts to count 30 days or? Please enlighten the case?

Yes, you are right, it is confusing. For subscribers, the 30days starts when the subscription started. We will create the limit tracker so you’ll be in the know. In the meanwhile, customer support can help you identify the date the 30 days starts on.