Curve bug when creating an account

Hello, I recently closed my old account due to moving to another country and had to reopen a new one and order a new card.Upon creating a new account and choosing the subscription + ordering a card , I am unable to pay for it as it shows me a pre saved card I currently do not use and there is no option to add a new card.I emailed support and been told to fill the form from the app but I cannot pass the subscription step so how am I supposed to contact them from the app lol I also sent several different emails HELP

Hi there.
I kinda encountered similar pronlem. The only difference is I am knew to Curve and once I passed the verification process, added one of my cards and tried to order a metal card I got stuck in the process when my card was declined( definitelly there is more than enough in the acvount to pat the subscribtion fee). I have tried to delet the app and reinstall and every time I open the app I am being fastforwarded to the payment stage, with no option to go back and add another card. Emailed support twice- no answer. I was hoping to give Curve a go and see how well it is going to work with my galaxy s 22 ultra and samsung pay, but now I may stick to Revolute as they promply reply to messages :slight_smile:

Because support is really slow I tried a few actions and the next one worked :

Choose the basic subscription and the account will open as basic no payment needed unless u upgade from main menu. :slight_smile: