Curve - Cancelled Card

I’m in Cambodia, 1 week into 5 week trip with my wife. My Curve is working, mostly, Ok; some declines. My wife, who doesn’t travel as much is with me. She checked her Black Curve settings a couple of weeks ago and validated a new Virgin credit card - All fine. It doesn’t work for her at all; anywhere. Messaged Curve and is told “You haven’t used your card for a while so we’ve cancelled it.”. We won’t reactivate but will send you a new card to your home address."

How much use is that when we’ve got Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA before we get home and the card then won’t be needed?

:scream:They just cancel cards unannounced if you don’t use them for a while? Why? Never heard of such a thing

I remember the credit card companies used to do the same, they cancel the card if you don’t maintain at least one transaction in six months.

Though… I wish Curve would at least send a warning email first!

With credit card companies they may want to close the line of credit if you’re not using it, but with Curve I just see no reason for it

Hello @gsullymorgan,

Was your wife on the prepaid programme?

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