Curve card AND app do not work and support does not answer

Hi. My Curve card stopped working and my curve app as well (update did not help, neither did reinstall). I have tried to contact support several times. They first answered, but then stopped reacting to my emails completely. Can anyone help me?

Hello @TOOM,

Only Curve Support can help you in this case.

Community moderators are normal users who only have more knowledge and rights. We cant see any account related information.

Same problem - the app and card do not work, the support does not help.

@FlareCO well, yes. But what can I do if the support does not answer at all?

@epiniguin well, my app does not work in a different way. Mine says: There was an error. Pleas try again! (and obviously trying again does not help) :wink:

You can reply with „URGENT“ in your ticket, this will change the priority.

There is nothing else you can do.