Curve Card cannot be used for Apple Pay


My physical card has not arrived yet and I have not activated it yet.

But I can add the virtual “temporary” Curve Card to Apple Wallet without any problems. But after some time I get a push where it says “Curve Card cannot be used for Apple Pay”. Then in Apple Wallet it says “This card cannot be used. Curve has blocked this card”. In the app, the card is not blocked. Also, paying via Apple Pay does not work. I have no problems with online payments.

Does Apple Pay only work once the physical card has arrived and been activated ???.

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Hello Markus,

The virtual card, work on Apple Wallet.

If you have any issues, please remove your card from your Wallet and add it again.

Hello Mattia,

I have done this several times. And after some time, the message “Curve Card cannot be used for Apple Pay” keeps coming up.

Hey Markus,

Try lock and unlock your card.

Also already tried. With the old card I always got registration SMS as soon as the card was added to Apple Wallet. Now I do not receive any SMS.

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If I remember correctly, @FlareCO and @Dann had the same problem as you.

They solved it by keeping the card locked overnight or by making a transaction (I know it doesn’t work, but this could be a possible solution).

I’ll give this a try. Thanks for info.

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I get this when I temporarily block the Curve card in the app then Unblock it.
It usually gets resolved when I leave it to play its games for whatever time it wishes.

Good morning!

Just added the card to Apple Wallet again. Now the automatic registration SMS also came when adding. Payments via Apple Pay now also work and the message “Curve Card cannot be used for Apple Pay” no longer appears.


I’m also getting this issue too.

I hit this last week. Deleting the card on all devices and then re-adding fixed the problem.