Curve card cannot be used with EE mobile phone network online or over the phone

Curve card cannot be used with EE mobile phone network online or over the phone As EE computer system says curve is a foreign card issued outside of the UK when the company is the UK in London the card has UK card number for UK residents and metal cards are only available to resident in the UK as their address with curve so don’t see the problem. I would see the problem if I used say my euro card like bunq or permanent tsb cards as they aren’t UK but I don’t have a solution to this unless curve contact EE and find a solution to this cause it means I can’t use curve once and no other company does this except gambling companies and you can’t gamble with curve.

I always get told by curve that curve don’t have 3DS security but when you do something over the phone you don’t do two factor security in any form

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Over the phone transactions are different than in person or online transactions. When you issue flight tickets, you dont even need the CVC / CVV.

If you buy something online that required 3DS and otherwise fails, there is no way around it and you have to wait til 3DS is implemented

If EE thinks Curve is a foreign card, you need to contact EE for them to update their BIN list. The used Curve BIN was previously owned by an Australian bank so its possible that they still have that information on record that the given BIN is issued to an Aussie bank.
There is little Curve cant do if a merchant has wrong / outdated information about a bank / card issuer.


@Lucas is correct. I’ve had issues before because some entities think Curve card is issued by “Lansing Automakers” in the US. You have to point out they’re incorrect and, not that that’s the issue here, but any card issued within the EEA, as per EU regulation, has to be considered “national” and not foreign. Even if the card was issued in say the Netherlands it would have to be considered as a nationally issued card and treated just as any UK issued card

EE block all cards not issued by UK card issuers so they say their system still does that so Netherlands is blocked as is curve and don’t see the point about Aussie ownership cause Clydesdale bank was Aussie owned before being offloaded and they accept them And Clydesdale bank now virgin money UK plc is on London and Aussie stock markets

I had the same happened to me when I was upgrading my phone over the phone. It was flagging up to then as Fraud! Haha

The law is not optional. I suppose in the UK you have someone you can direct a complaint to (bank of England?) in those situations and they’ll be promptly sorted

Nonetheless, the problem here is not about ownership. It’s that US and Australian entities have used Curve’s BIN (first 6 digits of the card) in the past and the database EE is using to check if the card is from the UK or not is outdated and still showing that BIN as belonging to one of those non UK entities that used the BIN before Curve

Work around could be try PayPal

Have the same problem with the website. From now on, I call 150 to top my credit. But I use my foreign german N26 Debit card or Revolut for it, and it works.

Update: I’ve tried my curve debit card, and my payment was authorized.

Most cards I have are ones that charge if you use in a different currency than on the card so using the card to pay a bill of £275 will cost you extra in fees so curve would zero the fees and give you top exchange rate so save you money so if I need to pay bill with curve I go to an EE shop they do it with chip and pin machine which can’t say no to your card based on location

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@Curve_Marie any way round curve being classed as foreign card with EE mobile network in the UK on their computer systems meaning you can’t add it to even pay and it’s nothing to do with security

What you can do is inform EE that the card is UK issued, they’ll maybe ask you for pictures of the card. You’re barking at the wrong tree as Curve can’t solve the problem for you


Fight a loosing battle with EE when they keep saying system refuses no way around it they refuse to fix it

Can’t you submit some kind of official complaint, don’t you have some kind of official complaints book? I find it hard to believe that in the UK you wouldn’t have any way to have a perfectly valid complaint addressed.

Unfortunately I really don’t see any way that Curve could help in this situation.

I understand I’m probably more proactive than most but I would simply stop paying them until they get their act together

Hey @wbrowngala!

I’ve informed the relevant team about this and they’ll be looking into it to see what can be done with the BIN.

Thanks I always get told by support it’s UK issued card and UK bin but I’ve once had it come up US card and always blocked by EE and I don’t see why it should happen cause curve should work in UK with all providers as curve is a company in London there’s no doubt about what country the company is in though the company operates across borders that should not stop it being accepted with all companies and in all countries not just at chip and pin machines

Again, this has nothing to do with Curve or that they can change anything. You need to contact the merchant and inform them that their BIN list is outdated. If they refuse to update it, complain to the bank authority in the UK, whoevers job that is in the UK.

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Please don’t contact EE to ask this as customer services will not be able to help you. I work for EE so will raise it internally.


Wow, thats cool!
Yes, totally agree, the regular customer service agent can’t do anything about it.
Its not that EE can’t even do anything about it, they need to contact their payment processor to ask about the outdated BIN entry.

Your right yeah, we have a process where we can raise stuff like this so will raise it when I’m back Saturday.

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My payment went through to EE (through the app) the other day but it was a bit weird. Accepted and then declined 2 minutes later (according to EE the payment was taken). Curve then attempted the payment again and it was fine :man_shrugging: