Curve Card charged rather than credited my account!

I recently attempted to withdraw funds (£2400) from my IG Index Online Trading Account, I had paid the funds in using my Curve Card linked to my debit card.

The IG platform shows the withdraw had taken place, however Curve charged rather than credited my account and I am now £4800 out of pocket with no idea where the funds are; IG platform not showing a credit.

Raised this with Curve last week and I was requested to share details on the transaction. Still waiting on an update, which I’ve had to chase again.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue with platforms outside of traditional retail?

I am a big Curve fan and have promoted it to friends and family; don’t wont this to sour what has been a positive experience so far…

I’m just guessing but I believe the problem here will be the funds were sent as a “credit”, which Curve doesn’t support, rather than a “refund”.

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Expect so. Probably my bad, not something I was aware of, however I would also expect the scenario to be handled gracefully in some way, I.e rejecting the transaction request, or if charging the funds should at least appear somewhere.

My concern is the money is no where to be seen. Understand they can’t cover all negative use cases, but feels like quite a significant one that you’d expect to be handled in some way; particularly if it’s something they don’t support.

Hey guys, @Kasimade welcome to the Community! @schgleeg is right, at the moment Curve isn’t able to recognise credit transactions correctly which sometimes results in the amount being charged. However, our support team will be able to manually fix this and refund the charge and the credit amount. Have you reached out to them?

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All resolved, thanks. Won’t be making that mistake again, however I do suggest the team implement a solution to handle the scenario.

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@Kasimade Glad to hear that and 100% agree. Our team are aware of the issue but I’ll pass the feedback on to them again!