Curve Card Currencies

This might have been asked before. But i couldnt find the related post.

I understand that there are a few currencies in which curve supports, which will allow 0% fx fees. Correct me if i’m wrong, but my understanding of the supported currencies means that curve will be able to change foreign spending into the supported currencies without chargind us a fx fee.

Now my question is on the unsupported currencies, as the list is long. If i have for example a credit card in MYR and placed curve settings to the unsupported MYR, and i spend in MYR using curve. Is there any fees??? Will curve just charge MYR to my card or will it be charged in GBP by default?

Your card would be charged in GBP.

See here

@Gaoler, oh. Thanks gaoler, so it seems like if i spend in myr and the card is in myr, there will be no fees. Is that correct??

It will only be if the card is in myr, and i spent maybe lets say in another unsupported currency, that my card would be charged gbp.

Yep, that’s it @LittleTeo :slight_smile:

That’s my understanding! :slight_smile:

I do think this info should be more prominent!