Curve Card declined while at Mcdonald in Malaysia

Hi all,

Curve X customer who has used Curve abroad before.
This year, used Curve abroad in Cyprus and Hong Kong. So far in the last 30 days, I’ve only used my curve card abroad once at the Hong Kong Duty Free around 9 Hong Kong Dollar (90p).

I tried using my Curve card at the Mcdonald in Malaysia last night 14th Dec via card machine. It said Visa/Mastercard allowed. I tried Contactless - declined, Chip & Pin - declined, Google Pay/Wallet with my curve card selected - declined as well.

Anyone know why? I reached out to support (14th Dec) but worried they will take a while to respond, my trip to Malaysia would be over by then (14th Jan). I couldnt find any Curve Status saying it was down.

Do I need Curve Fronted on? Surely I don’t as its not for hmrc tax etc
I did have my curve underlying card as a credit card and two back up cards for embarrassment as credit cards but surely shouldn’t be an issue if it worked in Hong Kong a few days prior, right?

Did you tried magnetic stripe?

Dont think there was an option, but Curve got back to me, was issue either on curve, my bank or mcdonald side. Not had the chance to try my card today, will try tomorrow

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It happens many times. Not only traveling in Malaysia, but also constantly in Europe.