Curve Card Details in App

Often when I am making online card purchases, I have to get my wallet and check my Curve Card because I can’t remember the CCV or card number.

It would be so useful to include the full card number and CCV of Curve in the “Card” screen of the app, along with the Expiry date which is already there. You could secure the full details behind Touch ID / Face ID or passcode, so security wouldn’t be a problem!

I know there is already a thread for a similar suggestion (see here), but I think that is about Curve having the ability to show the details of the underlying cards, rather than the Curve card itself.

Easy access to Curve’s details would make online purchases so much easier!

I think it would also be useful to be able to get that information for my underlying cards. The most awkward situation is when I’m away from my underlying cards and the Curve card doesn’t work for whatever reason.

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I agree with you, @andyk but decided to start a separate thread so we can vote on this for the main Curve Card too.

Hopefully both threads will see significant support and Curve will implement the details for both underlying cards and the actual Curve card!

The situation you describe is actually quite common at the moment because Curve doesn’t support 3D Secure yet so it is often declined online.

If the full details of underlying cards could be exposed, it would provide a useful stopgap until 3D Secure can be integrated by Curve.

However, I’m conscious that discussion on this really ought to be happening in the other thread so I will leave it there.

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This has been implemented. There now is a new idea created to make the card details copyable:

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Oh, I didn’t realise it was available to non-investor cards too. That’s awesome :slight_smile:

Does desperately need copy and paste, but now there’s even less need to carry a wallet!

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