Curve card disabled for last 11 days, support won't answer

Nearly 2 weeks ago, I made a purchase on my Curve Card though Amazon for just over 1200 EURO, and all was good… about 2 hours later, I tried using it for an Apple Pay charge and it failed… Nothing in the app, just a “Charge Denied” result on Apple Pay. I tried a different backend card and still no luck… I though nothing much of it at first. I then got a message from PayPal telling me the charge to my Curve Card had failed… Tried verifying it again, but still kept failing, all with no messages in the App… very annoying, but again, all within a few hours of each other… Thinking it was temporary, I left it. Now, 12 days later, no matter how I try pay with my Curve Card (Apple Pay, Physical Tap, Physical Insert, online, etc) all fail with the Denied result… Curve’s support has said it is with their support team for the last 10 days and its been radio silence since…

I am a Metal customer, paying for the support… I am an investor, I have used this card for nearly everything, spending nearly 25k on it over the last 365 days, and yet, still nothing from them! Anyone have any issues with support for this? How do I find someone to kick?

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If you can’t get any help from their direct contact which is you can always try reaching out to them via Twitter @AskCurve as that normally helps a great deal.

Thanks for your question.


I reached out to support again and got the same “Team is busy” email I got 10 days ago… Reached out on Twitter and someone got back and said they would kick whatever team was dealing with it… Lets hope that works…


That’s brilliant I’m pleased that your outstanding query will get a nudge. Hopefully you’ll get a response really soon. :blush:

So, supposedly, my card was disabled because my verification ran out… I verified with a driving license, and now need to use a passport… Done that online, waiting for confirmation its all good… but why the hell was that not mentioned in the app?!


Well that would be advantageous wouldn’t it? A bit weird that it wasn’t but then nothing surprises me anymore. :roll_eyes:


Indeed very frustrating experience. I’m on the same boat and I’m not off yet!
Twitter does help to push it a step ahead but I don’t know how many steps needed.

I sent in the details last week, and still waiting for a reply… given how long its been I am now looking for a refund on my metal payment for this month… Not going to hold my breath, but very pissed off at this stage…

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still radio silence from Curve… getting even more pissed off as the days go by… another few days and ill just cancel the service… use the 15 quid a month for something else… N26 business offer 0.5% cash back on ALL transactions, not just a select few…and its only about EUR2 more a month… and its a real bank too…

Hey @tiernano, sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing issues with receiving a response from our support team. Have you heard back yet?

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