Curve Card "experience"

I am going to present my case here as the last launch before I think, to cancel my metal card because I have not been able to use it for days and that seems incredible as an idea and the functionalities it offers …

Originally, I requested the free curve to test the benefits it offered regarding AIO payments on the subject of cards, etc.

After some problems, I decided to upgrade the subscription since for some payments such as Mercadona Online I couldn’t and from support they told me to use the Curve Frontend so far, great :slightly_smiling_face: I paid the 1.5% fee and the payment worked .

Some more payments were also denied, so I decided to go up to Metal since apart from bringing many other benefits the Frontend came by default in addition to adding more trades to the cashback etc.

From this moment everything has been an odyssey, since being a new card, and as soon as I make some payments that I was going to make and hit a ridiculously small limit dialy / mo. I wrote to support and in a couple of days, despite being a Metal user (since I mistakenly thought that they would give it a higher priority point against) they increased it to € 2200 per day (the standard according to them for newly created cards), I could to work again for about a week and a half more until I was faced with the monthly limit of € 6000. I thought that since it was the end of the month it would be reset at the beginning of Nov but it has not been like that, this limit is per window of 30 calendar days …

Since then, I have a precious metal card but totally useless since I have reached the limit and after contacting support again, they tell me that those are the limits that there are and that “it is what there is” that it comes again in 30 days , that is, without being able to use the card.

I have told them to analyze my case, or to escalate it to a special department to be reviewed and for more than 5 days everything has been silent in the chat.

I also told them that I agree if they are their rules and I must comply with them, but that if I am unable to use the card “due to their rules” consider it and give me the proportional part of the subscription or in the following month they do not charge me X anymore that I am paying for something that I cannot enjoy and the answer has not arrived either.

I do not know if there will be someone here who can support me with this, but if not at least it is detailed so that people take it into account before uploading their subscription.

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Seems you are very heavy user if € 6000/month isn’t enough for you. :flushed: I consider myself and especially my wife :grin: as pretty heavy users as well, but we both fit to much lower limit. And believe me - we all have been through this and we all had to “gain trust” :weight_lifting_man:‍♂ until our limits were upgraded. :person_climbing:‍♂ If you don’t like it, you can cancel your subscription anytime… :pleading_face: Myself I’m glad that Curve has such limits and rules as one of other measurements to ensure their business is sustainable. :running_man:‍♂

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??? you spend more, curve earns more

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True, I understand. But if you then e.g. receive lots of refunds, claim fraudelent transactions or use your card for cheating to receive bonuses on other cards (or even on Curve card itself) and then Curve gets banned by those other banks (as this already happened in the past e.g. with Raiffeisenbank CZ), it’s not very profitable/viable for Curve… :money_with_wings::exploding_head::money_with_wings:

The limits are generally in place as a method of controlling fraud and money laundering and the likes. They do get increased over time as Curve see your account is being used and managed well.

€6,000 is an awful lot of money for an individual to spend in one month - that’s €72,000 a year of discretionary spending, or a very, very large tax bill. If you’re lucky enough to be earning that much, £15 a month doesn’t strike me as being worth arguing over all that much!

You seem to be implying that you’re spending €2,200 a day for a week and a half, so about €23,200 in ten and a half days of spending - what on earth are you buying!?

What, out of interest, were you expecting upgrading would get you that you now don’t consider it’s giving you?

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Hello Andyk, I said that I have covered the 30 day limit of € 6000 in 10 days and that therefore I cannot use my card other than what you say …

I am not going to unsubscribe obviously because I like the idea but you must understand that with high spending, leave the card in a use case in which it is as if you did not have it, so as I indicated in my original post I asked that will escalate this request.

What I was expecting from Curve is not having to worry about using other cards for things like eating out at a restaurant, paying for my Spotify subscription or other things that I can’t do right now.


Actually that’s not true, as a non commercial user you more you spend the more it hurts Curve.

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I thing is a shame not being able to use your Curve card in Mercadona online.
Curve should start on solving this ASAP.

The limits are to manage their exposure to fraud and liability.

They’re already extremely generous.

I believe there are some extended security checks they can put you through to raise the limits but they require extra documentation from you, and possibly a mandatory waiting period.

I went through them in the early days and have a much higher limit. So I’m sure they can help you if you can prove that your usage is legitimate.