Curve Card expiring but no replacement

My Curce Card is expiring at the end of this month (that’s in one day from when writing this).

I have not received any emails to ask me to confirm my address as per the FAQ. Curve support responded with a long delay and asked me to confirm my details which I did, and I haven’t heard back for about two weeks.

So I guess, I will no longer be able to use Curve. What is happening?

I am starting to worry about this too (not expiring yet, but relatively quite soon). Maybe it is bug or they changed something.

@LegendaryAced : are you on “free tier” or paid?

I was on Metal until about May, when I downgraded but kept the original card on the Free tier. So the new card that I should be receiving would have been the Free tier one. I don’t see them sending out a new card, so I will not be able to use Curve from midnight. I am now considering account closure because I don’t like having inactive accounts floating around.

Temporarily solution could be use of virtual card, if Curve provided such card.

I also got worried about the same position as I was going on holiday.

The email dispatch then arrived on 6th Sep (expiry end of Sep) and the card came a few days later.

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive anything, support didn’t respond and there was no option to get a new card, so I have now closed my account.

I didn’t receive any emails, so I contacted them via the app chat. Eventually confirmed address and a new card is on its way. As soon as the card was dispatched , the virtual card in the app was updated.

But I do find it annoying that i had to chase this. If I had know, i would not have received emails from them asking to confirm my address, I would have contacted them at the beginning of the last month on the card (eg sept in my case).

To me, most people will not have moved and/or will have updated their address especially if it was almost due to expire. So they should automatically be sent out. Those that don’t bother should be the ones, that have to go through the hassle and chase for replacement cards sent to the wrong address etc.

I must admit, if i hadn’t received it, I would have just closed it. In the meantime, I will be using my regular credit cards. Will I just continue using them…

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