Curve card getting denied at any merchant


So here is the problem, I got a Curve account and I’m waiting for my curve physical card to arrive in the meantime I have added to goay the virtual card and registered few cards on the curve app.

EVERYTIME I try to pay with gpay and the curve card, no matter what underlying card I choose on the curve app, I get a denied transaction.

I have tried in 5 different shops same story.

Why? How can I fix this? At the present moment the curve card and app are completely useless.

Hi I’m from Belgium and I also have problems. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I do this through Garmin Pay. I got the physical card and it’s not much better… This card is completely useless. I contacted support but my problem is still not resolved…

There is a big difference between ‘everytime’ (as reported in the OP) and ‘sometimes’. I doubt you are both facing the same problem.

Having relatives in Belgium I know MasterCard and Visa acceptance is not great in Belgium (Bancontact and Maestro acceptance is much better). Are you certain that the physical stores, where you are trying to pay, do accept MasterCard?

You guys maybe got banned already. They randomly block cards and ban people for no reason

All the stores where I paid accept Mastercard… In fact, there’s no logical reason why the Curve doesn’t work…

@Wantenjy What’s the rejection reason that the payment terminal is showing?

Payment refused. I’ve escalated the issue to Curve Support. I would point out that it has already worked in these stores. In short incomprehensible…

Still waiting for an answer from the support they said they are investigating.

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Still no answer from support. The customer care at curve seems horrible…

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I can confirm that. Took me 7 weeks of waiting until they told me that I got banned / blocked for no reason and won’t get unbanned. Good luck to you anyways