Curve card is deducting money from the underlying card, but is getting refused on the merchant terminal

Hey, the 18/10 I went to the petrol station 1 and Auchan 2

1 I tried to pay and the merchant terminal stated that it has been denied, BUT my curve card deducted the amount from my underlaying card. The merchant forced me to try several times as he just got refuse tickets. So after 6 tries and becoming inpatient and wanting to call the police, I agreed to let my ID and go pick up the underlaying card (which paid without a problem)
After 3 hours I got the funds back in the underlaying card, but they are still shown on curve app.

2 I retried the card at auchan and same problem, denied, but still money was deducted. Paid then with the underlaying card as I had it now with me…

I contacted the kustomer bot, and until today (23/10) no answer, I mailed them the 21/10, no answer, I twittered today underneath a Curve post and got (god knows why) a reply from revolut.

So is here anyone able to help me?

Curve responded to you on Twitter a couple of minutes ago.


Yes they did and they solved the problem. Thanks :slight_smile: