Curve card not accepted in PlayStation Store

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I wanted to make a purchase on my PS4 and tried to enter my curve card as the credit card. After a bit of thinking it told me the card number was incorrect. I checked it several times, and even tried entering via a web browser on my PC but Playstation were having none of it!

So I used a different credit card which went through fine.

However I did note when looking at the new card’s pending transactions online, a pending charge of £0,00. I wonder if that’s what upset curve, a pre-auth request for zero. Other websites do a test of £0.10 or £1.00 and I’ve never had problems with curve on one of these.


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Interesting issue - by any chance did the system let you select another type of card? e.g. Debit card? Sometimes vendors reject Curve as a credit card (ultimately its a debit card connected to credit cards), so selecting Debit card as the option does the trick. Just a suggestion for next time if you haven’t tried so already!

Thanks for your message. It’s one of those sites that determines the card type from the first 6 digits or so. Basically just enter the number and the card icons changes to show what it thinks. I don’t think credit and debit were separate anyway, think it just had icons for mastercard visa and amex . Sorry it was a few days ago now, I have since found on the site that you log “declines” well there’s nothing there, no sign of the transaction ever being attempted.

Ah fair enough. Worth contacting PSN directly, I feel its a problem on their end. Another solution is to buy a PSN gift card from the likes of Amazon using Curve, and then redeeming it :slight_smile:

Ah yes indeed, a good idea for the future thanks. Amazon cards are almost instant delivery so that’s quite acceptable.


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Curve is not accepting payments for games and gambling.
Is PSN assimilated as a game?

I definately recommend using gift cards for Playstation Store as you can save pretty much. :euro: For example here in CZ you can buy Czech PSN gift cards worth 1000 CZK for as low as 900 CZK, so you immediately save 10 % for your every purchase… :money_mouth_face:

Gambling is prohibited with Curve but games aren’t as far as I know.


Maybe it was a temporary problem or Curve decided to block it for some reason because I’ve used my Curve card on the PlayStation Network in January…

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Do you live in the UK?

yes, living in UK, PSN account registered in UK

Just for info I had same problem with using Western Union and when I called them to find out why they told me Curve is “Blacklisted”. They could not advise why?
Just told to use different card for Weston Union, which I have done since and works fine.

same here. using it via PayPal helps.

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Same problem here (Italy), contacted Curve support and they are aware of the problem.

Watch out of you pay with PayPal as an automatico payment and it’s connected to your Curve card, IF YOU DON’T LIVE IN THE UK your transaction will be first converted from your local currency to GBP by PayPal and then converted again from GBP to your local currency by Curve card.
Moral of the story: PS NOW €59,99 to £55,47 to €62,87 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Not Curve’s fault clearly, would be nice if they find a way to fix this problem with Sony.

You can always turn off conversion in PayPal.

It seems that option is no more available or I can’t find it

You can choose between PayPal conversion or card conversion every time you buy online but can’t find a similari option for automatic payments (like the PS store ones).

You have to ask manually to charge your Curve card in EUR and not any other currency:

To update the currency we use to charge your credit card, add a currency card to your PayPal account, and email or call us with the following information:

  • the last four digits of your card number
  • the currency you want to use for your card

If you do this, PayPal will always charge said card in Euros.

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Settings->Payments->Manage your Automatic Payments (View)->Manage Funding Sources->Conversion Options


oh wow, well hidden. This option is way easier.

@Mollaka emailing PayPal would resolve the problem for the automatic payments in the PlayStation store but what if I need to pay with PayPal in another currency?

I don’t want them to charge my card always in EUR, I want them to charge me always in the currency of the seller.