Curve card not working

Hi, I’ve been trying to call curve for over a week now. I’ve set everything up on my phone and watch and verified myself.
My issue is when I go into a shop to pay it says payment complete on my watch but on the shops side it says payment declined. It won’t even work through Google pay.
Is anyone else having issues like this?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have had this issue since 12th October 2021.

Everytime I speak to support they keep sending me the same automated “you have entered your CVC incorrectly” even though I didn’t even do anything.

Next worst thing is I received a text message with the last 4 digits of my Curve card AND MY FULL PIN.

Finally, they sent a replacement card but they deactivated the “Activate your card” feature.

I am getting nowhere…I cannot believe I have been using and endorsing this for so many years. Oh yeah, and I’m an investor too…

If this issue isn’t resolved by December, I am going to finally drop Curve.