Curve card number not visible in app

The ability to view the Curve card number in its entirety has now been removed, this is most inconvenient.

Will this feature return? If its been done to improve security its not a good job because there is a new facility to copy the number and then you can paste it into whats app to see it!

Come on Curve what are you doing?

Hey @MarkG, thanks for joining the Community!

We haven’t removed this feature from the app and you should still be able to see your full card details by tapping ‘Card Details’ option from the Account tab. Some of the text within the Curve app can be affected by font settings on your device so if it seems like you can only see part of these card details then this could be the cause!

Hi Joel

As you can see from the picture you can’t see the card number

Edit: Removed the screenshot due to security concerns.

Hey @MarkG, please be assured that this isn’t how this information is designed to appear when revealed in the app.

Have you checked your device settings for text size options?

Yes and the complete number is not visible, do you want a photo?

Hey @MarkG, it wouldn’t be safe for you to share these details on the Community as this is a public platform. Instead, please reach out to the support team so that they can troubleshoot this privately with you there.