Curve card payment is declined (with card selected as underlying card)

Anyone here have an idea what might be going on?

Onderwerp: Re: We’ve sent an update for your request: card still refused
Datum: Sat, 10 Jul 2021 09:31:46 +0200
Aan: Curve


Tried again today and your visa debit card is still declined.
I use the card in my iphone wallet for contact payments at Lidl where this normally works just fine.
I would like to hear from you what I need to do to get this working again.

Kind regards,

Op 6-7-2021 om 19:44 schreef Barbara (Curve):

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Jul 6, 2021, 18:44 GMT+1

Hi Jan,

Thanks for getting in touch. We are looking into this and will be back in touch as soon as possible.

Best wishes,
Team Curve

Jul 6, 2021, 13:05 GMT+1


Lately I keep getting a message card not accepted.
Can you please check if there is anything wrong with it. The past few
times my payments are not being accepted. I always pay through you with
my MCO Debit card ( I have already informed but
they do not see any rejected payments.


They sometimes block a card for no reason. Mine is blocked for 5 weeks already and the support isn’t doing anything. (Even though they present to do)

Good luck to you

Hello @janm,

I have replaced your full name and email address with “REMOVED” to protect your personal information.
Everyone here in the community as well as guests can see your post and maybe someone is not tanned in a friendly way and may misuse your data.

Only the Curve Support can check this issue, Community Moderators don’t have access to any personal information. We are just normal users like you.

Do you know the decline reason?
Do you have enough funds on your Crypto com card?
Did you eventually lock the card for online purchases?

Best regards,


ok thanks for the REMOVED :+1:

Do you know the decline reason? No
Do you have enough funds on your Crypto com card? Yes
Did you eventually lock the card for online purchases? No

I always use the card through my iphone wallet to pay with. Maybe I need to physically use the card once with a pin code to get it active again. I remember having to do that with another card as well. Has anyone experienced this before?

I think you have to enable International payments on the card for it to work in Curve, have you done that?


Is your Curve card working when a different underlying card is selected?
Since I am using Curve with myself without any issues and you have been doing so as well, so there is nothing wrong with your settings in the app, I am already pretty sure your Curve card is blocked, but if it isn’t working with a different underlying card selected this would confirm this.

The only time my card was declined was when I activated the physical card.
I was initially using the virtual card but when the Physical card arrived, it had same long numbers but different CVV and expiry from the Virtual card.
I had to first remove the virtual card from Curve and added the Physical card details, all has been fine since then.

Please try to remove the card from Curve and add the details of the physical card

@Nelthorim If If i use my debit card separately it just works. :slight_smile:
@poeliev i also think there is something wrong with my curve card. But I am going to see if I can try another card for confirmation. Good tip.
@Daddykay I did not change from virtual to physical. And it has always worked and all of a sudden it doesn’t. But could have been a situation indeed.

Yes, but that’s because the Crypto card is set to work on the country they have set up in their system. When you use your Curve card, your transactions get routed through Curve, which is in a different country to yours (Latvia, if you’re in the EU).

So you need to enable International payments in Crypto so that they don’t decline them for being “made in latvia”.

Crypto card is not the problem. Yesterday I physically used the crypro card with contact payment and it just works. So no international payment problems. I will try using the physical curve card with payment next time. See if it is accepted then. I may have to use the pin code again for re-activation. I’ve had this happen with another visa card.

Based on using your crypto card directly in the Netherlands you can not tell if the setting in the app, @Nelthorim is talking about, is correct (see picture below)
But since you have been using your Curve card with the card selected as underlying card successfully in the past, I don’t think this setting is the problem anyway.

‘Om twee vliegen in één klap te slaan’ I would advise to select a different underlying card while trying that.

The mail was not responded to. So I did a chat message on facebook and fortunately there is a response. Meanwhile they have made the card workable again. What was wrong with it is not reported. Bad service but after much pulling and pushing they solve it.