Curve card printed upside down?

Just received my new curve card.

It has been printed upside down on the back? Anyone else had this.

How does it look exactly?

Curve and chip fine on the front.

Most cards you turn it round. And the stripe is on the top, and writing underneath,

No this is opposite.

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Can you take a photo?

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See pictures attached.

Piece of paper is in same place when flipped

It looks completely normal.

My old black card. Wasn’t like this.

Card designs are always changing. Not a big deal anyway.

Whoops! Very funny.

I spoke to Curve about this yesterday and they advised there was an issue with the recent batch of printed cards; I also received a card that was printed incorrectly.
Send an email to and someone should be able to help you.

The card on @J365515 photos looks flawless.

The card is ok…The magnetic strip on the back is where the black bar can be seen now.