Curve card rejected because 3DS not fully supported

Tried to add Curve as a top-up card to Lunar but it was rejected because apparently Curve still doesn’t support 3DS fully. The is the error message Lunar support said they got:

Rejecting creation of source because the source is not 3DS full

I have had problems with paying capital one, it just hangs after I authorise. Curve claims that capital one is not fully compliant?

Similar problem here

Tried adding to Revolut as a top-up card instead, and it worked without a hitch. Revolut use the same in-app confirmation method as Curve so to me this is clear evidence that Curve’s implementation is faulty.

I have also some of the same problems with 3DS

I’ve done many online purchases and never once gotten a 3DS prompt from Curve, so as far as I can tell Curve’s 3DS implementation is just snake oil and they approve the transaction automatically every time. Doesn’t feel very secure.

Would be nice if someone from the Curve team at least acknowledges the report.


I have the exact same problem adding my card to Lunar.

And as mentioned above the error message according to Lunar technical support is:

I got this reply from support. They don’t seem to worry much about our case, buyt I hope they will solve it soon

Hi Andres
I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. We’re currently investigating this issue with our Engineering Team and will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

Just to manage your expectations, we don’t have a timeframe to resolve this issue at the moment. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as our engineers have been able to fix this issue.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience - please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime.
Best wishes,
David S
Team Curve

I can confirm I received 3DS confirmation prompt from Curve several times - always for higher amounts (several hundred Euro) and it always worked well. :hugs:

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I’ve since also authenticated through the prompt successfully, but also only for very high amounts. Using a new browser from a new IP-adress does not trigger the authentication prompt, so I’d say the security level is configured way, way to low. A higher security level should be configurable by the user at the very least. Whether this has anything to do with the issue in this thread is unclear, however, what is clear is that the issue isn’t solved.

Frankly it’s embarrassing there’s no explanation nor acknowledgement from Curve about this yet. The responses from customer support is just standard canned responses that doesn’t adress the issue at all, and there’s no follow-up nor indication that there’s any work being done at all.

Ping @Curve_Marie.

Hey guys, I can assure you that our team are looking into all of these 3DS issues. In regards to adding your Curve card to other banking apps, we’re aware that some of these think that Curve doesn’t accept 3DS. Our team is looking into this with Mastercard at the moment.

In regards to security, 3DS is automatically activated if the transaction requires it. However, we appreciate that being able to adjust the threshold that 3DS is activated would be a helpful feature and we’ll pass this feedback on to our product and security teams.


For what it’s worth, the issue with adding the card to Lunar seems to be solved and also I get 3DS prompts much more frequently now, for lower amounts as well (this is good), so there seems to have been a lot of improvements going into 3DS the last 6 months. Still no user-configurable security settings though.

I have also just had 3DS fail today on Samsung website. It worked perfectly fine last 3 times I was there in the past 3 months. Today I got a prompt in Curve app and I approved the transaction, on going back to the Samsung page the Curve + MasterCard 3DS screen was just White and could not go off. I had to try the transaction again with the Amazon card itself and transaction went through normally

After having a few issues before I’ve stopped using the app to verify and switched to using SMS - seems to be more reliable.

How do you switch to sms?

There’s an option on that payment page to select verify by SMS instead. That box that has Curve and MasterCard logos at the top of payment page