Curve card rejected in USA

I have been getting a lot of declined transactions in California. At first it was the CC company placing security blocks on the card as the CRV transactions triggered fraud alerts. This ended after I spoke with the CC company. However, transactions are being declined even after confirming there are no issues with the CC (balance / Limited etc…)
I can confirm that Curve is the issue. To the point where I try a transaction using credit card „A“ via curve - the transaction is declined, I then try again with the actual credit card „A“ - and the transaction is authorized. Any thoughts?

Curve has its own risk engine. It might be that your card is temporarily blocked. Unfortunately there is no way you can see this in the app. Best to contact Curve support from the app or by email (

Don’t hold your breath…

Curve Live Chat through the app is pretty good, give that a try if you haven’t already. So far I’ve got in touch with them a few times in the last 2-3 weeks and it’s been pretty quick.

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I waited 7 working days for a response a bit back. I guess it depends who’s around

They replied to me but only after a few days,not ideal when you’re counting on your principal payment method to actually work.