Curve card seems blocked and zero support (also didn't get the Uber Cashback)

I’m travelling now, and have been a happy curve Metal user since begins. My curve card seems blocked after I tried to buy things in Amazon USA (when I live in Spain) I have tried to contact support via E-Mail, Chat and got 0 answers. I’m paying everything with cards attached into my Apple Pay with phone / Apple Watch. Because the only target I have carried since one year have been the curve one on physic. Also, before the problem i bought several times into Uber Eats / Uber with my card and I have 0 CashBack

I’ll back tomorrow to home, and today I got charged my 15$ of Curve membership, for a premium service. But with zero support answer, I cannot do nothing. Also, by my own tried to use a New card that never used into curve, and all same.

I thought the uber credit was for new uber customers on their first purchase, well it was here in the UK as it was like a hefty cashback offer of 20 odd percent

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