Curve Card still not working... after 2 months

Hello, it’s been almost 2 months since I took a Curve Metal subscription. 2 months that my card is not working. More than a month that I am in discussion with the support and now more than 2 weeks that I have no news from them … In the meantime I continue to pay for a service that I cannot use. I am now thinking of canceling my subscription. I am really disappointed with my Curve experience. Note that I sponsored a friend who has the same concern as me and no response from support as well.

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Hey there, sorry to hear you’ve been having such a negative experience with Curve.

Typically, our Curve support team aim to respond within 48 hours. Since you haven’t heard back from them in this time I’d recommend reaching out to our social team on Facebook or at @AskCurve on Twitter. They’ll be more than happy to make sure that your messages have been received properly for you there. They can also let you know what date you should have received a response if the support team are under the impression that they’re waiting for a response from you!

I hope that this helps with getting this issue resolved.

I’ve dm @AskCurve on twitter and got an answer. I hope curve team will solve my issue as soon as possible.
Thank you

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