Curve Card Stolen

Well unfortunately my purse was knicked on Friday :rage:

But gotta say, everything was made a lot easier because I only had a Curve card & not all my debit & credit cards which were safe at home.

I was able to immediately lock & replace just one card & still have use of my cards while I wait for a replacement. Curve got back very quickly & cancelled the card. They also didn’t charge for the replacement Metal card on this occasion. The alerts also meant I knew it hadn’t been used.

I got Curve as I wanted to carry less cards but it’s been a bloody godsend this weekend! :innocent:


Hi there, @Cheska

That is unfortunate to hear. It is a frightening experience to have your wallet or purse stolen, since it is usually the hub of all our financial instruments, but thankfully Curve was able to reduce the damage for you on this occasion.

Please bear in mind that a replacement waiver is usually only granted once and due to the expense incurred for producing Curve Metal, a £50 fee may apply in the future.

Take care :slight_smile:

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Always distressing to hear as everyone has or know someone who has had experienced this - having Curve does seem to make things a lot easier

Frankly I’ve been recommending Curve to all my friends all weekend, following this experience.
I can’t tell you how much it de-stressed a bad situation!

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Reading some of your messages it seems like you work for Curve. I’m a bit confused, do you work for Curve? :confused:

£50 is too much for a replacement card!!!