Curve card transactions requiring 3D email/sms/app verification are failing


I was just using my Curve card on the Sainsbury’s website. Some of the transactions (mostly above £50) asked for Mastercard 3D sms/email/app verification. When I clicked on email, the transaction failed immediately. When I clicked on app, and then approved the pop-up that came up on the app, the app said transaction confirmed but it failed at the merchant website.

When I tried two lower value transactions of £10 and £20 it didn’t ask for 3D verification and went through fine.

It looks like an issue with Curve’s Mastercard 3D verification, but I’m a bit confused.

I have asked the Curve helpdesk but they usually take a few days to get back.

Any thoughts?

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I pre ordered google nest audio
All went smooth

This issue has been reported long time ago, but curve seems to not really care about it

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@Onimaca That’s a real shame! :frowning: Very surprised to see that it’s a known issue for many months now.

Unfortunately this could be a real deal breaker if 3DS doesn’t work at all.