Curve card transactions requiring 3D email/sms/app verification are failing


I was just using my Curve card on the Sainsbury’s website. Some of the transactions (mostly above £50) asked for Mastercard 3D sms/email/app verification. When I clicked on email, the transaction failed immediately. When I clicked on app, and then approved the pop-up that came up on the app, the app said transaction confirmed but it failed at the merchant website.

When I tried two lower value transactions of £10 and £20 it didn’t ask for 3D verification and went through fine.

It looks like an issue with Curve’s Mastercard 3D verification, but I’m a bit confused.

I have asked the Curve helpdesk but they usually take a few days to get back.

Any thoughts?


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This issue has been reported long time ago, but curve seems to not really care about it

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@Onimaca That’s a real shame! :frowning: Very surprised to see that it’s a known issue for many months now.

Unfortunately this could be a real deal breaker if 3DS doesn’t work at all.

I’m having the same issue since I’ve received my card, 4 weeks ago, and the support team just can’t offer a sollution. I’ve opened 3 tickets because they just stop answering without the troubleshooting being over.

Stopped using the physical card because I’ve lost all the confidence in Curve.

My thread is this one: Can’t make online purchases which requires 3D Secure autentication

Such a pity…

I got this reply from support. They don’t seem to worry much about our case

Hi user
I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. We’re currently investigating this issue with our Engineering Team and will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

Just to manage your expectations, we don’t have a timeframe to resolve this issue at the moment. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as our engineers have been able to fix this issue.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience - please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime.
Best wishes,
David S
Team Curve

Just wondering if people are still experiencing 3D issues? I’ve never had a prompt from the app to authorise a transaction but SMS messages, if offered by the selling site, seem to work ok, at least with Virgin Atlantic card underlying.

Yep I occasionally get a message saying the authorisation has expired with the app, even though I’ve done it immediately! SMS seem to work fine though.

Yes I have Virgin atlandtic underlying but I promise is i try to pay a bil on the amex site and it refuses the transaction.

Not getting any option to verify 3ds in app at all. I have to use sms which is a real problem as I have no phone signal at my house.

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
3DS purchases (usually over £50) give no popup or option to verify in app.

How to reproduce it:
Any 3DS purchase

Android (latest)

Samsung s9 plus

App version:


I have to say my 3D experience has been a lot more positive… I get the notification to approve the transaction in the app and this usually works fine. On a couple of occasions the curve app says the transaction is approved but the site is still waiting for approval, if this happens I then select send text, I receive a text code, enter it and it goes straight through. Bound to be teething errors as many banks are only just starting using this system.


Still not working… don’t even get the notification.

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I do two factor authentication using text message cause going through the app always fails with it

For the 1st time ever I actually got the Curve 3DS check screen thingy. I’ve never had it before no matter what the cost of a transaction (even into the £1000s).

Anyway, just like everybody here it went on about OKing the notification in the app and lo and behold there’s nothing in the app.

Choosing the SMS option worked OK.

It’s not very impressive that functionality around finance is so buggy. Maybe instead of changing the layout of the profile screen every other day you should concentrate on fixing real issues :wink:

original thread/problem here: In app purchases problem

is there a way to choose SMS confirmation instead pop up/app verification. App verification doesn’t seem to work

3D-Secure works for me without any problems.

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I’ve found this to be incredibly variable over the past few weeks. It previously worked flawlessly however over the past month I’ve had a mix of experiences. In all cases 3DS triggered - sometimes it goes through fine, other times it is declined on the merchant website with a decline also showing in the Curve app (and no reduction in daily limit) but with the underlying card charged, other times it shows as pending in the Curve app and on the underlying card and the daily limit also reduces. In all cases the transactions do eventually drop off the underlying card (within 1-3 days) but it’s quite frustrating to not know if any individual transaction is going to work or not. I’ve not noted any pattern by way of underlying card or merchant.

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