Curve card upgrade, what about older transactions?

Hello, i’ve been using my curve virtual card since i haven’t received the physical one yet. I paid a hotel booking that will get charged in about 1 month but few days ago i upgraded my card to the metal one, and that hotel has the old card information. Then I tried my “old” virtual card in shops and it wasn’t working so I guess when the hotel tries to charge the price won’t work for them? Or curve re-directs the payment to the new curve metal card? Or Should I contact the hotel?

Thank you in advance.

The hotel charge will work as it was already pre-authorised.

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But what if I didn’t got pre-authorised? Like how do you know? I don’t have any proof that it has been pre-authorised…

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You can ask Curve customer services if that’s happened via the following email address or via the Curve application.

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