Curve card with joint account / another curve card

Good Evening,

Just a quick question.

If my partner creates a curve card, can she connect her free curve card to my metal curve card in order for us to get the cashback benefits for our food shops using her curve card?

Can we connect our joint current account to curve card?

Can my partner log into my curve card account and add my curve card to her Apple Pay in order to use the contactless version to pay for shopping on her phone for the cashback?

Many thanks

Hi and welcome to our community :wave:t2:

It’s not possible to add a Curve card as underlying card to another Curve card/account.

You don’t connect accounts you connect cards to Curve. So if your joint account come with (a) card(s) it should be possible to add it/them as underlying card(s) to a Curve card/account.

And could she download the app, sign in on my account and then add the Apple Pay / contactless to her phone to use my metal card account

Not sure if it’s possible to add your Curve card to the Apple wallet of your girlfriend, but my source is telling me that, if it is possible, it’s not necessary for her to log into your Curve app on her phone to do so. :point_down:t2:

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