Curve Cash and Booking Cashback

Hi, I have 5 pounds on my Curve Cash and I just paid about 400 euros on using Curve Card that took the money from a Mastercard I associated.
The 5 pounds have not been used and I got no 1% cashback. How come? Did I do something wrong? Is there any way to top up Curve Cash?

Hey @mastroalex, welcome to the community!

It’s possible when the transaction came through it was with a different merchant ID, so wasn’t recognised as part of our rewards program. Our customer experience team help with this! Could you get in touch with us at

The £5 in your Curve Cash account is only used when you select it as your payment card. However if you had done so in this case the transaction would have been rejected as you have insufficient funds in your Curve Cash balance. Unfortunately (at present at least) you can only spend up to the amount in your Curve Cash account if it’s the selected payment method.

With regards not receiving cashback, had you selected as one of your cashback retailers? If so then I’d suggest contacting support as @CurveJake suggests so it can be retrocredited.

Clear, I thought I would have paid 400 euros minus 5 pounds bonus. I will contact the support, as booking is in the list of retailers that I chose when I subscribed last week.

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I got the cashback at 2:30am. I think it would be better to write cashback in 24h hours instead of “instant” as it says in the app.

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